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Irish Wallers
Early Ancestors

The earliest of our traceable possible ancestors in the "Direct Male Line" are Nobles of The Frankish Empire. In one of the early female lines ("The Norse Ancestors"), our ancestors originated in the tribes from the north that invaded The Frankish Empire. In particular, the Norse ( to become the Normans) that invaded from the sea. Another early female line ("The Moselle Line") originates with Tonantius Ferreolus of Rome, (b~410--d?), Praetorian Prefect of Gaul.

Many genealogists claim that the supposed early Kings of the Franks (Marcomer, Pharamond etc) were mythical because the Franks claimed that they were related to a sea monster. However, there is some evidence from Roman Records that they were actual leaders of various tribes that later became the Franks. Tracing the line of descent through such leaders has proved impracticable. Thus the earliest of the direct male line, that I can trace without confusion is Flavius Richomeres (Richomer) b ~340, a Frankish "General" who came to prominence as the Comes domesticorum, of Emperors Gratian & Valentinian II . His descendant [via the Counts of Hesbaye (Haspengau), a Count of Thurgau, Counts of Fezensac and the Vicomtes de Thouars] was Hugh Aimerie Thouars , later ordained Bishop of Coutances (Constantiensis) from (989-1025). He was a possible great grandfather of the 1st Earl Wiliam de Warenne from whom descend the following families de Warennes, Poynton Warrens, Cambridgeshire/ Hertfordshire Warren Wallers, finally, the Irish (Tipperary) Wallers. The individual pages give some alternative descents. However, that shown in red seems the most probable. I have also inserted another long traceable line assuming descent via the Plantagenets (though I think this less probable).The "Norse Line" runs from Halfdan Frodasson (~524 -- ~580 ), the first after the semi legendary descendants of Skjold, King of The Danes, that I can date with any accuracy, down to Beatrice de Vascoeuil b ~1004 who married Rodolf (Ralph) I de Warenne a putative grandfather of the 1st Earl de Warenne. I have also shown genealogies for some of the more interesting families to which we are connected.

"The Capet Connection " ascends from Elizabeth de Vermandois   (b ~1081, d 13 February 1131, granddaughter of a Capet King, Henry I, of France, who married William de Warenne  2nd Earl of Surrey. It ascends via The Capetians, The Robertians to join our Direct Male Line again. A notable fact on this line is that Robert the Strong (b ~820) married Adela/ide of Alsace and Tours b ~819 a descendent of Tonantius Ferreolus of Rome, (b~410--d?) Praetorian Prefect of Gaul, via the Dukes of Moselle, Dukes of Alsace & Counts of Upper Alsace. The Plantagenet Line mentioned above, carries on down from Adela's father Hugh of Tours , Count of Upper Alsace b ~ 0765, until Tertulle the Breton (lived 821-?) who was awarded Count of Anjou after marrying Petronille of Andech, a granddaughter of Charlemagne's. This Line than descends to Ermenegarde, b 1018, who married Geoffrey II “Ferreol”Count of Gatinais b ~ 1000 , which family thus inherited the County of Anjou. These Angevins gave rise to the Plantagenets and via Hamelin Plantagenet the later de Warenne Earls of Surrey, whom some believe to be the ancestors of the Poynton Warrens, but this is a "may be" and I have examined the issue XXXX (please seeCambridgeshire/ Hertfordshire Warren Wallers were descended from the Poynton Warrens and I have examined this issue (Note 5). The important places mentioned are shown in the Maps or in the family pages.


On death in 511 Clovis divides his Kingdom between his sons Kingdoms of Clovis





may start with an ancestry linked
between the



The first of which, with reasonable documentary evidence, was:

1. Flavius Richomeres (Richomer), a Salian Frank who came to prominence as the Comes domesticorum of  Emperors Gratian & Valentinian II , in ~ 377, Senior Ordinary Consul in 384,
comes et magister utriusque militiae (388-393) in the Eastern Prefecture under
Theodosius I
b ~340
d ~393 
m Aescyla

2.Theudemeres(Theodosius,Theudemer)  King of Thérouanne (Northern Pas De Calais) in a Federated "Kingdom" within the Roman Empire (Foederati)
b 374
Blésinde de Cologne
d 414
Possibly lost his position at court after 395 on the death of Theodosius I and the purge of "barbarians" from the court of Emperor Arcadius by Eutropius He may have fled to his father's tribe, the Salian Franks in

In 413 a Roman army entered Frankish held territory, possibly in retaliation for their support of the Roman usurper, Jovinus. Theudemeres and his mother were executed by the sword on the orders of  Postumus Dardanus, the praetorian prefect (governor) in Gaul, who had remained loyal to Honorius. The family lost Imperial Sponsors and 
became Tribal Chiefs (Kings) of their Salian Tribe; opposed to the Empire.

3. Clodio(n)/Clo(au)dius
King of the Salian Franks
b ~392
d ~447
Invaded the Empire in 428
He is documented in Roman records and may be the real father of Childeric I rather than the possibly mythical Merovech..

4? Merovech (means sea creature) King of the Salian Franks. This link may be mythological. Several genealogists assert that his name reflects  a commom Frankish mythological belief in their descent from a sea creature. It may be that his fathering of Childeric (definitely an historical person) was inserted much later to enhance the non-roman validity of this line of Salian Kings.
b ~412
m Clodeswinthe of the Salian Franks 

5 Childeric I King of the Salian Franks
b ~436
d 24 Nov 481
m Basina dau of Widelphrus, King of the Thuringians
476 After a battle at Orleans with Odoacer, the leader of the Skirians who led an Army of Skirians from Eastern Europe in alliance with the Goths and Saxons, Childeric and  Odoacer made a peace treaty which allowed Odoacer to divert his Army to conquer the Italian part of the Western Roman Empire,

6 Clovis I commander of Frankish Foederati in the Province of
Belgica Secunda, {Gallia Belgica west of the Meuse river). One of the Kings of the Salian Franks. His base was probably Tournai. He conquered the other Salian Kings. In 490 Ragnacaire , based at Cambrai and in 491 Chararic, based at Tongres. . Clovis converted to Catholicism in 496 please see Slow death of the Roman Empire in the West 
b ~465
d 27 Nov 511
m Chrotechilde/Clotilda/Clothilde Of Burgundy

7 Chlot(h)ar I King of the Soissons Franks
b ~497
d 561
m1 Guntheuca
m2 Radegonde/Haragonde of Thuringia, later a religious and canonized a Saint in 9th century.
m3 Ingonde
m4 Aregund
m5 Chunsina
c6 Concubine (name unknown)
m7 Wuldetrada,

??? natural son with c6? see
Uncertainties A
Charibert, a nobleman from Hesbaye
b ~555
d 632
m Wulfgurd of Paris

9 Chrodobertus/ Robert I, nobleman from Hesbaye
b ~580
d ~630

10 Lambert I, nobleman from Hesbaye
Referendarius of Neustria
b ~605
d ~659
m Adele de MEAUX

11 Chrodobertus/ Robert II, nobleman from Hesbaye
Major Domus of Neustria
b ~633
d ~678

12 Lambert II, Count of Hesbaye
b ~ 674
d ~725
m Clothilde/Chrotlind

Jocelyn Family

13 Robert
/Rutpert I Count of Haspengau /HESBAYE and Count of Upper Rhine &
Wormsgau after marriage to
Williswint (Heiress) of Wormsgau whose 2nd husband was Wialdruth of TOULOUSE
b ~689
d ~750

colours as on Maps D

14 Guerin de Hesbaye, Count of Thurgau
in Frankish Burgundy.
b ~723
d 20 May 772
m Adellinde, Dau' of Hildebrand the last Lombard Duke of Spoleto (Then a semi-independent Lombard Duchy In the East of Italy, opposite Rome)

2nd son

15 Bouchard de Hesbaye, Constable of CORSICA . Corsica ceased to be a Lombard Duchy in 756 having been taken over by the Pope with Frankish assistance. At this time it became a semi-independent Papal State.
b ~754

16 Aubri the Burgundian (so called because his grandfather came from Thurgau in Burgundy) Count of Fezensac see light blue marked County in Maps D
b ~770
d ~839

17 Bouchard de Fezensac Fezensac
Prefect of the Royal Hunt
b ~800
d ~876
m Bava de Thouars
Thouars in Aquitaine had been destroyed by Pepin King of France in

18 Geoffrey of Orleans 1st Vicomte de Thouars

inherited from his mother.
b ~830
d ~903

19Aimery (Amauri)(Almaric) I Vicomte de Thouars
b ~855
d ~936

20 Aimerie II (Vicomte) de THOUARS
b ~885

d ~956
m 935 Alienor










21 Herbert (Vicomte) de THOUARS
b ~922
d  987
m 956 Hildegarde of Aulny

22 Saveric (Savary)III
Vicomte de Thouars

an ancestor of Viscount Aimerie IV,
a companion of William I's at Hastings
b ~947
d ~1007

son of 2nd wife

23a Hugh (Hugues) Aimerie de Thouars de Coutances?,who may have been Bishop of Coutances. The lists have gaps between the city's destruction by the Vikings and the rebuilding of the cathedral in ~ 1025 during this gap the Bishops were based in Rouen  
A History of Normandy before
the 17th century

b ~959
d ~1025
m Beatrice de Torta

OR see Uncertainties B

23b Hugh of Normandy who was descended from Rollo Ragnvaldsson, 1st Count of Normandy and was therefore closely related to the Dukes of Normandy. This line traces back as shown in northmen.html. This proposition arises from the report that William the Conqueror called William 1st Earl "cousin", they were 3rd cousins if de Normandy is correct. 


24 Rodolf (Ralph) I ,
b ~984
d ~1059
m Beatrice de Vascoeuil
b ~985

2nd son

25 Rodolf (Ralph) II
b ~1004
d ~1074
m2 23cx Emma de St Martin de Varenne probably
a daughter of Walter de St Martin de Varenne
(see above and right). This may be a source
of the supposition in several
genealogies that William,
1st Earl de Warenne's father
was Walter de St Martin.
It seems more likely that he
was William's maternal
grandfather. Such errors have
been found to be common.
See Maps F

2nd son

26 William de Warenne,
1st Earl of Surrey
& de Warenne,
a companion of William I's at Hastings.
b ~1046
d ~1088, Bellencombre,
near Dieppe on the river Guarenne/Varenne
now called river Arque
Gundred sister of Gerbod The Fleming


27 William de Warenne  2nd Earl of Surrey

de Warrenne Arms

~  1071-1138, Lewes, Sussex, England

(24vx) Elizabeth de Vermandois
(c. 1081 to 13 February 1131)





The earliest King of the legendary "Skjoldung" dynasty for whom I can find any evidence other than legend is:

1.Halfdan Frodasson
b: ~524 Roskilde
d: ~580

2.Hroar Halfdansson
b: ~554 Roskilde
d: ~620 Northumberland

3.Valdar Hroarsson
b: ~584
d: ~632

4.Harald Valdarsson
b: ~614
d: ~?

5.Halfdan Haraldsson
b: ~638 Roeskilde, Jutland, Denmark
d: ~688 Roeskilde, Jutland, Denmark

6.Radbard Of Russia
b: ~668 Garderige, Russia
d: ~728 Garderige, Russia

7.Randver Radbartsson
b: ~704 Sjælland, Denmark
d: ~770 Bravik, Ostergotland, Sweden 

8,Sigurd Randversson
b: ~730 Denmark
d: ~ 812 Uppsala, Sweden

9.Ragnar "Lodbrock" Sigurdsson (see EARLY HISTORY OF NORMANDY) 
b: ~760 Uppsala, Sweden
d: ~ 845 Northumbria, England.

10.King Sigurd Ragnarsson
b: ~786 Skjoldung, Denmark
d: ~ 873 Ringerike or Westfold

11.King Canute Sigurdsson
b: 814 Hord, Jutland
d: 884 Sjaelland

12.Frodo King Of Denmark
b: abt 835
d: 885

13.Gorm Enske of Denmark
b ~845
m: Sida dau of King of Fionnlaith

14.Harold Parcus
b ~858 in Sjaelland, Denmark
d ~899 in Sjaelland, Denmark
m Elfgifu, Princess of England, her 4th marriage.

15.Herfast I ("The  Dane")
b ~0885 Sjaelland Island, Denmark
d ~? Arques, Normandy

(note 1)

16.Herfast II Forester of Arques
b ~911
d ~984
m Gunnhild Olafsdottir
dau of Olaf Bjornsson
King of Sweden
a dau Gunnora de Crepon married
Richard I
3rd Count of Normandy see below


17.Herfast III de Crepon
b ~940


18.Beatrice de Crepon
b ~965
m Tesselin de Rouen
b ~965


19.Beatrice de Vascoeuil
b ~985
m 25 Rodolf I
b ~984



13c Charlemagne Emperor of the West

14c Louis I The Pious, King of Neustria and France, Holy Roman Emperor
b. August 778,

15c Charles II The Bald, King of Neustria
b. 13 June 823,

16c Louis II "The Stammerer", King of Neustria ; King of Aquitaine ; King of France ; and Holy Roman Emperor
b. 1 November 846

17c Charles III The Simple King of France
b 17 Sep 879
m Eadgifu dau of King Edward the Elder of Wessex and Kent

3rd son

Charles de Courcy
~900 Courcy, Ardennes


19cc Wigerius (de Courcy)
~915 Courcy, Ardennes,

3rd son

20cc Baldric de Bacqueville de Courcy
~930 Courcy, Ardennes
m Clare de Clare dau of Richard de Clare and Rohesia an illegitimate dau of Richard I Duke of Normandy with Muriella of Normandy






21c Nicholas de Bacqueville
b ~950 Aunou Le Faulcon, Argentan
m Senfria de Crepon dau of Herfast III
b ~960


22c Walter de St Martin de Varenne (see Uncertainties B)
b ~986 Varenne

23cx Emma de St Martin de Varenne
b ~1004
m 26 Rodolf II son of Beatrice de Vascoueil
b ~1044

2nd son

27 William de Warrenne
1st Earl de Warrenne, later
1st Earl of Surrey


They are descended from a quasi legendary Norse King
Halfdan Frodasson
b: ~524 Roskilde
d: ~580
as was Herfast I ("The  Dane") whose descendents Gunnora and her niece Senfria de Creponl married Richard I, 3rd Count of Normandy and
Nicholas de Bacqueville, an ancestor of the De Warrennes respectively.

Rollo Ragnvaldsson, 1st Count of Normandy
b ~857
d ~929

William I, 2nd Count of Normandy
b ~893
d 942, assassinated

Richard I, 3rd Count of Normandy, 1st Duke of Normandy
b 933
d 996
m1 Emma Capet
m2 Gunnora, dau of Herfast II

Richard II, 4th Count of Normandy, 2nd Duke of Normandy
b 963
d 1027

2ns son

Robert I, 6th Count, 4th Duke of Normandy
brother of Richard III 4th Count and 3rd Duke, who d.w.i. in 1027
b 1000
d 1035 Nicaea, Byzantine Empire, returning from pilgrimage

bastard son

William II, 7th Count, 5th Duke of Normandy, The Conqueror, William I, King of England
b ~1027
d 1087




15 Robert Count of Haspengau /HESBAYE (~700-~750)
/Rutpert I Count of Upper Rhine & WORM(S)GAU after marriage
m1 Williswint (Heiress) of WORMSGAU
second husband was Wialdruth of TOULOUSE

Son of 15

16 Guerin Count of Thurgau


17 Bouchard
`the Constable' of CORSICA
(754? - ?)


Son of 15

16v Robert of Worms (Rutpert III Count of WORMGAU)
b <789 in Worms, Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

17v Robert The Strong, Count of Anjou and
Margrave of Neustria, who is the earliest
well documented ancestor
of the Capetian Royal Line of France.
b ~820
m2 ~ 864
16ax. Adela/ide of Alsace and Tours see Dukes of Alsace
d ~866












18v Robert I King of West Francia (922-923)
b ~ 866
d 923
m2 Beatrice of Vermandois

19v Hugh MagnusDux Francorum
b 898
m Hedwige of Saxony
d 956

20v Hugh Capet , (elected) King of France
b ~ 940
m Adelaide of Aquitaine
d 996

21v Robert II, called the Pious or the Wise
b 27 March 972
d 20 July 1031

m Constance of Arles

22r Hugh II Magnus, King of France
b 1007
m Elisabeth d'Avoye (the daughter of Henri l'Oiseteur)
d 1025

2nd son

23r Henry I King of France
b 4 May 1008
d 4 August 1060
m Anne of Kiev and gave rise to THE CAPET  KINGS OF FRANCE

junior son of 22r

23v Hugh of Vermandois
b 1053
d October 18, 1101)


24vx Elizabeth de Vermandois.

b ~1081
d 13 February 1131

m2 27 William de Warren  2nd Earl of Surrey <<<<Early de Warrens

>>>>>>>Descendents of Reginald de Warren (2nd son of 27), Warrens of Poynton, Wallers of Cambridgeshire and Hertfordshire & Irish (Tipperary) Wallers



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1a Tonantius Ferreolus
b ~390
m Syagria dau of Flavius Afranius Syagrius, Consul in 382.

2a Tonantius Ferreolus of Rome ,
d >479
Praetorian Prefect of Gaul
from 451-453, Honorary Consul 453,
Senator  between 479 and ?
In 395 Arles had become the seat of the Praetorian Prefecture of the Gauls
m Papianilla the elder of the Aviti
a relation of Papianilla the younger,
who was a dau' of Eparchius Avitus ,
Emperor July 455 to Oct 456 and married Sidonius Apollinaris  the writer of a letter describing visiting TF's Villa at Prusianum near Bresis in the area just west of Uzes in the region of Nimes and Arles.

Historic Note: Attila invaded the Belgic Provinces of Gaul in 451 reached Orleans but was defeated, retreated and attacked Northern Italy in 452, but was halted by Pope Leo I, as wished by Emperor Valentinian III, and died in 453.

3a Tonantius Ferreolus
Gallo-Roman Senator of Narbonne 479-517 under Visigothic occupation but nominal rule of Julius Nepos (last  Western Roman Emperor sponsored by the Eastern Emperor).
m Industria of Narbonne, a daughter
of Flavius Probus, Senator of Rome.

462 Ricimer (de facto ruler of the remains of the Western Roman Empire) granted Septimania (western Narbonensis) to the Visigoths. 475 Euric, their King, cedes it back to the Emperor Julius Nepos in exchange for full independence for the other Visigothic Lands.

son or brother of 3a
4a Ferreolus of Rodez (also near Uzes)
b ~470
Gallo-Roman Senator of Narbonne. By now Senator was just a family status (e.g. Gentleman) and the "of" indicated where he lived i.e in Narbonensis.
m ~531 St Dode Abbess of Saint Pierre de Reims. She was a daughter of Chloderic, One of the Kings of the Salian Franks murdered by Clovis I.

6a Ansbertus/Ausbert Duke of Moselle,
Gallo-Roman "Senator"

some genealogies give 6a Ansbertus Duke of Moselle as a grandson of Sigimer 3c below, but on dates & naming grounds, I prefer 6a as a great great grandson of 2a Tonantius Ferreolus of Rome.

3. Clodion/Clodius (Childeric I) ~0389-0447

4c (3rd son of 3) Sigimer, Bishop of Auvergne
b ~419

m  Tonantia b ~429 dau of Tonantius  Ferreolus 2a, The Praetorian Prefect of Gaul.

5c Ferreolus Duke of Moselle
b ~465
m Outeria of Moselle b ~504
Note 39 yrs younger? than husband


6a (below)? Ansbertus/Ausbert Duke of Moselle,
Gallo-Roman Senator
b ~523 when his father was 58 unusual?


496 Clovis I and the Franks conquer Moselle from the Alemanns.

531 Franks (Theoderic I) conquer the North Eastern part (Uzes area) of Septimania from Visigothic/Ostrogothic  alliance. Hence the Ferreoli who lived near Bresis in this area move/were removed to Trier in Austrasia.

Illegitimate? son of  4a

5a Ansbertus Ferreolus Duke of Moselle
[Duke=Dux=Roman Army General, had often been a mercenary Frank].
His (step?)mother St Dode (see above) was a Frank.
b ~505
d ?
m Outeria of Moselle

son of 5a or 4c?

6a Ansbertus/Ausbert Duke of Moselle,
Gallo-Roman "Senator"
b ~523
d ~570
m Blithildes/Bertha of Soissons/Toulouse
dau of Clothar, King of the Franks
(2nd husband, 1st husband was
St Aethelbert of Kent)



also a Female Line of the DE WARENNES, ROBERTIANS & CAPETS)

Son of 6a

7a Erchenaud of Burgundy Duke of Alsace
b ~0546
d ?
m ?

8a Laetharius Aega/Ega the Major Domus
(mayor, or supervisor, of the household--superintendent
of the administration of numerous, often scattered, estates).
The Merovingian Kings appointed a Major Palatii (mayor of the palace)
They had the power of the King, who became mostly a figurehead with the power of heredity.
b ~0560
d ~0600 m Gerberga of Franconia

9a. Erchembaldus the Major Domus
b ~ 0590
d 0661
m Leudefinda de Lorraine

10a Lendisius Bonifatius/Boniface Duke of Alsace
they were rulers in their own right, independent of the Kings in Francia.
b ~ 0625
d 0666
m ?

11a Aldarich/Adalrich/Eticho Duke of Alsace
b ~ 0645
d 20 Feb 0689/90
m Berswinde d'Austrasia

12a. Adalbert/us Duke of Alsace,
b ~ 0675
d 0720/22
m Gerlinde d'Aquitaine

13a. Luitfrid I, Duke of Alsace
b ~ 0707
d ~ 0750
m Edith

14a. Luitfrid II, Count of Upper Alsace
b ~ 0740
d 0780
m Hiltrude

15a Hugh of Tours Count of Upper Alsace
b ~ 0765
d ~ 0836/39
m (B)Ava, of Tours

dau of 15a

16ax. Adela/ide of Alsace and Tours
b ~ 819
d ? 
(17v) Robert The Strong

THE ROBERTIANS, THE CAPETS, The Descendents of Reginalde Warren ( 2nd of 7 sons), Warrens of Poynton, Wallers of Bassingbourne & Ashwell & Irish (Tipperary) Wallers  please see below




son of 6a

7c Arnoald/Arnoldus/Arnual Margrave of Schelde, Bishop of Metz
b ~560
d ~611
m Oda of Swabia


8c Doda
b ~584
m Saint Arnulf of Metz, Dux at the Scheldt,
later a monk and Bishop of Metz(some genealogies have St Arnulf as a son of 7c Arnoald, but this supposition is probably a fabrication in Charlemagne's time to give him a male line Roman Ancestry. (SeeNote 1.4)
b 582
d 640

2nd son of 8c

9c Ansegisel, Lord of Brabant Margrave of Scheldt (~602 or 610 - murdered before ~679 or 662) 
m St Begga (3b) >639
Veil after death of (9c) founded a convent at Andenne

10c Pepin (also Pippin, Pipin, or Peppin)
of Herstal (c. 635 - 16 December 714)
was the Mayor of the Palace of Austrasia
concubine Alpaida dau of Dodo

11c Charles "The Hammer" Martel
(23 August 688 - 22 October 741)
Duke of the Franks Ruled Austrasia,
Neustria and Burgundy. 
Offered Roman consul, which he rejected
Defeated the Islamic expansion at Battle of Tours 732
m Rotrude of Treves

12c Pepin or Pippin (714 - 24 September 768),
called the Short,
Duke of the Franks from 741
and King of the West Franks from 751 to 768.
Deposed the last Merovingian. (see CAPETIANS)
m Bertrada of Laons

13c Charlemagne,
Charles the Great; Charles I 1st Holy Roman Emperor
(742/747 - 28 January 814) was King of the Franks
from 768 to his death. He expanded the Frankish kingdoms
into a Frankish Empire that incorporated much of
Western and Central Europe. During his reign 
he conquered Italy and was crowned Imperator Augustus 
by Pope Leo III on 25 December 800

3rd of sons by Hildegarde

14c Louis the Pious
b 778 d 20 June 840
m Adelaide of France


son of 13c by Regina (Reginopyrcha)
of Swabia

14cx Hugh the Abbot Count of Andech
b ~ 794-7 jun 844


15cx Petronille of Andech
b ~825
m 20a Tertulle the Breton,
Count d'Anjou, Seneschal of the Gatinais
 (responsible for organizing the journeys
 of the king or emperor) 

THE EARLY ANGEVINS, The later Angevins, The Plantagenets and the later de Warenne Earls of Surrey.






Son of 14a

15a Hugh of Tours Count of Upper Alsace
b ~ 0765
d ~ 0836/39
m (B)Ava, of Tours

16a Hugh Bourge

17a Torquat (Tortulfe) de RENNES

18a Tertulle the Breton, Count d'Anjou, Seneschal of the Gatinais
m Petronille of Andech (15cx) Granddaughter of Charlemagne

see THE CAROLINGIAN connection

19a Ingelger I, Count of Anjou, Viscount of Orleans (845-893)
m Aelinde de Gatinais


20a Fulk I the Red, Count of Anjou,
Viscount of Angers (capital city of Anjou) (888-942)
m Roscille de Lochar (874-)


21a Fulk II Count of Anjou (died November 11, 958),
m Gerberge of Maine, daughter of
Hervé Count of Maine


22a Geoffrey I of Anjou (d. July 21, 987),
known as Grisegonelle ("Greymantle")
m Adele of Meaux (934–982),
daughter of Robert of Vermandois


23a Fulk III (972 – 21 June 1040),
called Nerra (that is, le Noir, "the Black")
m Hildegard of Sundgau

24a Geoffrey II Count of Anjou, b 1006
m 1032 Agnes of Aquitaine

no issue

dau of 23a

24ax Ermenegarde, b 1018
d 21 Mar 1075
m in 1035
24g Geoffrey, 4th Count of Gatinais
b ~ 1000
d 1 April 1046
thereby causing THE DE GATINAIS
to inherit the title of Counts of Anjou



Son of 19a

20g Geoffrey 1stCount of Gatinais
b ~ 905

22g Aubri, 2nd Count of Gatinais
b ~ 945
d >990

23g Geoffrey, 3rd  Count of Gatinais
b ~ 970
d 1000

24g Geoffrey, 4th  Count of Gatinais
b ~ 1000
d 1 April 1046
Ermenegarde of Anjou (24ax)  b 1018,
dau of 23a Fulk III
Count of Anjou




25g Geoffrey III of Anjou,
called le Barbu
("the Bearded"), Count of Anjou
b 1039 d 1097

no issue

26g Fulk IV (1043-1109), 
called le Rechin,
Count of Anjou, fought
and succeeded 28p, his brother
m Bertrade de Montfort

27g Fulk V (1089/1092
– November 13, 1143),
also known as Fulk the Younger,
was Count of Anjou
 from 1109 to 1129,
and King of Jerusalem
from 1131 to his death

m1 Ermengarde of Maine.

m2 Melisende de Rethel,
Queen of Jerusalem

28g Geoffrey V d'Anjou
(1113-1151) 10th Count of Anjou

>>>>>>>>> The Plantagenets , one of whom was Hamelin Plantagenet who took the name de Warrenne from his wife, Isabel heiress of the Earls of Surrey.


28gb Baldwin III (1130-1162)
 King of Jerusalem

30pc Almaric I of Anjou
(1135-1174) King of Jerusalem