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1Flavius Richomeres (Richomer); a Salian Frank, Comes domesticorum  of Emperors Gratian & Valentinian II in ~ 377, Senior Ordinary Consul in 384, comes et magister utriusque militiae (388-393) in the Eastern Prefecture under Theodosius I note 1.1
b ~340
d ~393 
m Aescyla

2 Theudemeres (Theodosius,Theudemer)  King of Thérouanne (Northern Pas De Calais) in a Federated "Kingdom" of the Roman Empire
b 374
Blésinde de Cologne
d 414

3 Clodion/Clodius
King of the Salian Franks
b ~389
m ? 
d ~447

1st son of 3

4? Merovius/Merovech "means Sea Dragon",
King of the Salian Franks
m Vaerica Chlodeswinthe
b ~411
d ~458

5 Childeric I King of the Salian Franks
b ~436
d 24 Nov 481
m Basina De Thuringia

6 Clovis I King of  the Salian Franks Note 1.2
b ~465
d 27 Nov 511
m Chrotechilde/Clotilda/Clothilde Of Burgundy

7 Chlot(h)ar I King of the Soissons Franks
b ~497
d 561
m1 Guntheuca
m2 Radegonde/Haragonde of Thuringia, later a religious and canonized a Saint in 9th century.
m3 Ingonde
m4 Aregund
m5 Chunsina
c6 Concubine ( name unknown)
m7 Wuldetrada,

??? natural son with c6? (please see para A of Uncertainties)XXXX
8 Charibert, a nobleman from Hesbaye
b ~555
d 632
m Wulfgurd of Paris

9 Chrodobertus/Robert I , a nobleman from Hesbaye
b ~580
d ~630

10 Lambert I, nobleman from Hesbaye
Referendarius of Neustria
m Adele de MEAUX
b ~630
d ~659

11 Chrodobertus/ Robert II, nobleman from Hesbaye
Major Domus of Neustria
b ~633
d ~678

12 Lambert II Count of Haspengau /HESBAYE, see brown area on Map A
b ~674
d ~725
m Clothilde/Chrotlind

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>The Jocelyn Family

13 Robert /Rutpert III, Count of Haspengau /HESBAYE and Count of Upper Rhine & WORM(S)GAU after
m to Williswint (Heiress) of WORMSGAU see dark blue area on Map A
whose 2nd husband was Wialdruth of TOULOUSE

b ~700
d ~750

14 Guerin Count of THURGAU see orange area on Map A
b ~723
d 20 May 772

15 Bouchard de Hesbaye, Constable of CORSICA
b ~754

16 Aubri the Burgundian Count of Fezensac see light blue area on Map A
b ~770

17 Bouchard de Fezensac
b ~800
d ~876
m Bava de Thouars
Thouars in Aquitaine had been destroyed by Pepin King of France in 762

18 Geoffrey I of Orleans, 1st Vicomte de Thouars
b ~830

19Aimery (Amauri)(Almaric) I Vicomte de Thouars
b ~855

20 Aimerie II (Vicomte) de THOUARS
b ~885

d ~956




20g Aubri,
Count Of Gatinais Viscount of Orleans
b ~850

The De Gatinais & The Early Angevins VVVVVVVVV










21 Herbert (Vicomte) de THOUARS
b ~922
d ~988

22 Saveric (Savary)
Vicomte de Thouars

an ancestor of Viscount Aimerie IV,
a companion of William I's at Hastings
b ~947
d ~1007

23 Hugh (Hugues)[ Aimerie de Thouars? or Hugh de Normandie?]  please see Uncertainties
may have been Bishop of Coutances. The lists have gaps between the city's destruction by the Vikings and the rebuilding of the cathedral in ~ 1025 during this gap the Bishops were based in Rouen. A History of Normandy before the 17th century
b ~959
d ~1025

m Beatrice de Torta dau of Rodolf de Torta
who repaired the fortifications
of Rouen from the dismantling of
monastries by the Seine River

son Note2.B

25 Raoul/Rodolf/Ralph I, please see this link.
The "Warren Family History Project"
seems well researched. He had land
outside the walls of Rouen, at Vascoeuil
& in the pays de Caux. Map F
b ~984
m Beatrice de Vascoeuil
b ~982




 2nd son
of 25

26 Raoul/Rodolf/Ralph II
he did not inherit the Rouen and Vascoueil
lands but those in the Eastern part of the
Pays de Caux, roughly from
St Valery to the far edge of the
Forest de Arques then up
the eastern side of the valley of the
River Varenne
where the chalk of the Caux gives way
to the clay of the Bray.
b ~998
d ~1074
m2 Emma a person known from a Charter
signed by William the
Bastard/Conqueror in 1059

may have been Emma de St Martin de Varenne Rodolf's 2nd cousin. Dau of Walter de St Martin de Varenne This may be a source of the supposition
in several genealogies
that William, 1st Earl de Warenne's father
was Walter de St Martin.

<<<<<<De Courcy & Carolingian

2nd son of 26    

27 William de Warren, 1st Earl de Warren,
1st Earl of Surrey
b ~1030 Bellencombre, upstream of Varenne
d 1088, mortally wounded at siege of Pevensey
In 1053
some say his father was
Hugh De Normandy (Hugh d'Eu)?
Birth 1000  Cleuville, Haute Normandy,
Bishop of Lisieux
He joined William The Conqueror
in capturing the Castle of Arques from
William's uncle and Guardian William,
Count of Arques. William de Warren
was made Constable of this castle.
His putative
brother Rodolf III inherited most of the Pays de Caux lands of 26 Raoul/Rodolf/Ralph II
The lands along the River Varenne may have been given to William by William II, 7th Count, 5th Duke of Normandy, The Conqueror,   w hile he was
Constable of Arques and he may have been the first to call himself de Warren, He built a
Castle at Bellencombre in the SE of his lands
(to protect against the French King Henry I?),
which became his normal residence until
he joined his distant? or 3rd? cousin
William the Conqueror at the battle of Hastings.
He was awarded or conquered vast holdings
in England and Normandy, on which the family
subsequently built or acquired several
castles and Abbeys (illustrations on the right).
Gundred sister of Gerbod The Fleming
Earl of Chester


Frankish Empire

MAP B Location of the ancient county of the Gatinais

De Gatinais location






Settlement in Normandy

Settlement in Normandy

Arques Castle

Arques Castle

Bellencombre Castle in 1832

Bellencombre Castle 1832

William 1st Earl de Warrenne

William 1st Earl


28 William de Warren  2nd Earl of Surrey
b ~1071
d ~1138, Lewes, Sussex, England

m(24vx) Elizabeth de Vermandois<<<<<<<<<< THE CAPETIANS
(~1081 to 13 February 1131) 

2nd son of 28

29 Reginald de Warren
b ~1113 Vermandois, Normandy
m Aldalia de Mowbray sister? of (x) ROGER DE MOWBRAY, who changed his name
from d’Aubigny on the orders of Henry I,
but it is not fully understood why the king wanted this.
De Mowbray (a corruption of de Montbray) was the name
of Roger (deMowbray)'s grandmother, Amice the wife of Roger D'Aubigny.
The de Mowbray connection is significant in that their
coat of arms became used as a canton on the de Warren
arms to distinguish 29 Reginald's descendents from
those of 29x William the 3rd Earl.
The arms of the Poynton Warrens granted to the
Ashwell Wallers in 1572 may contain the
de Mowbray canton (Notes2).
One hypothesis, therefore; is that we descend from Reginald,
not William, as has been claimed. However, the heraldry
can also be read to derive a descent from the line of
William de Warrenne 3rd Earl of Surrey (detailed on the right).
Please see ( Notes2)   which examines these alternatives.


 30 William de Warren,   
Keeper of Norwich Castle in 1186/1189
b ~1150 Holywells, Suffolk
m Isabelle de Hayden
d ~1208 Laodicea, Turkey


31 Sir John de Warren
b ~1234
M Alice de Townsend in Norfolk
d 1296, Kennington, Kent


32 John de Warren
b ~1264
d 4 APR 1315 in a tournament in
M Joan de Port of POYNTON, Cheshire



33 Sir Edward de Warren,
b ~1295 in Poynton 
d 1370 after his son 34
married Maud de Skegton, dau of Richard de Ske(g)yton,.
d 1359
But some state he married Matilda (Maud) de Nerford, dau of William de Nerford,
consort of 34x John de Warren, last (7/8th) Earl of Surrey, 1st Earl of Strathearn,

The possible confusion is examined in Notes 2D

ALTERNATIVE GENEALOGY I believe this to be
false on grounds of analysis of coats of arms
and other reasons. see Notes 3

1st son of 28

29x William  de Warren 3rd Earl of Surrey 1106-1148
born in Vermandois, Normandy. Went to the
Holy Land on crusade in 1147
where he was killed at Laodicea in January 1148
m  Adelia de Talvas, Alencon,  Orne


30x Isabel de Warren 1137-1199 d Lewes, Sussex
(she or her 1st husband William of Blois
have sometimes been accounted as 4th Earl
when the last Earl of the first creation is known
as the 8th Earl.)(1137-1159).
m2 (31g) Hamelin Plantagenet made 4/5th Earl of Surrey
    <<<<<<<<< THE PLANTAGENETS

31x William Plantagenet  de Warren (William de Monte Caniso)
5/6th Earl of Surrey
1166-1240 m  Maud Marshall of the family of "Strongbow"
Earl of Pembroke, she had been granted the
County of Carlow by King Henry III of England.
Her younger sons gave rise to the Irish de Warrens
and through them the later French de Warrennes.


32x John Plantagenet de Warren
 6/7th Earl of Surrey 1231-1305 Sussex
m  Alice Lusignan  de Brien of Lusignan
(a dau, Isabella de Warren, married
John II Balliol, King of Scotland).


33x William de Warren predeceased 32x so never Earl
1260-1286 Sussex
m  Joan de Vere of Oxford


34x John de Warren, last (7th/ 8th, see 31x above)
Earl of Surrey 1st Earl of Strathearn 1286.
Born 1286. Died 1347 after his putative son 33
Sir Edward de Warren   (note 3).
From 1286 onwards his estates had been shuttling
between him and the various aristocrats he had been
fighting E.G. The Earl of Lancaster. A notable castle
of his is Sandal near Wakefield, Yorkshire.
m  1 Joanne de Barre 1306
consort Maud de Nerford  
 (sometimes called Maud de Skegton.
I examine this confusion in Note 3X))
 born at Nerford Hall, Norfolk,
which is some 40 miles from Skegton.

sons ? please see Note 3X

De Warenne Castles& Abbeys

DEW Castles




Castle Acre Castle

Castle Acre







Mortemer Abbey (Normandy)

Mortemer Abbey



Castle Acre Priory

Castle Acre Priory



THE  POYNTON WARRENS (see Earwaker's East Cheshire).

34 Sir  Edward de Warren Knt, of Booton,
Ske(g)yton, Crostweyth,  Fransham, and Rougham, Norfolk.
His alternative descents are examined in Notes 4
b  ~1321 in Poynton
d >1363<1368 Black death? before his father 33
m  Cecily Eaton of Stockport, dau of Sir  Nicholas de Eaton  of Eaton near Congleton, Cheshire,
and heiress of Robert de Stockport, of Poynton, Cheshire, see Map at 32 above.
and Woodplumpton, near Preston, Lancashire.

Warren Holdings


Arms of Warren of Poynton. Checky or and azure, on a canton gules a lion rampant argent.


35 Sir John de Warren ,The Warren arms (with a canton for de Nerford?,or de Mowbray?
see note 4A) quartered with the arms of Eaton and Stockport were formerly found
in the church window at Booton, Norfolk. On the death of an Eaton cousin about 1370,
Edward and Cecily's son, John, became heir to the Eaton and Stockport estates,
including Poynton, Cheshire. The Warenne (or Warren) family was thereafter seated
at Poynton.
b ~1343, Poynton, Cheshire, England
m  Margaret Stafford,  heiress dau Sir John de Stafford of Wickham, Norfolk.
d 1387


36 Nicholas Warren
b ~1371 Poynton, Cheshire
m  Agnes de Wynnington of Wynnington, Cheshire
d 1413


37 Sir Laurence Warren
b ~1394 Poynton, Cheshire
m  Margaret Bulkeley
d 1444


38 John Warren Esqu (see number 5 in Ref 3 in Note 16 Table Y
b ~1414
m  Isabel Stanley  of Lathom, Cheshire
d 1474


39a Sir Laurence Warren  predeceased 38
(see number 6 in Ref 3 in Note 16 Table Y )
b~  1435 Poynton, Cheshire
Knighted in 1461 soon after the accession of Edward IV, therefore a Yorkist.
m  Isabel Legh of Adlington, Cheshire
d 1474

39d Richard Warren
b ~1448 d ~1475


Researchers have had difficulty here, "The Missing Link", to the Warrens of Poynton. Another possibility is that the Warrens of Bassingbourn were descended from the Warins of Bassingbourn Castle.
40xd Anthony Warren
b ~1467 in Claybury, Essex,
died 1557 in Bassingbourn, aged 90?
m Margery

(see Notes Table Z) Anthony seems the most likely "Missing Link".


41z William Warren alias Waller
b~ 1482 Bassingbourn, Cambs
m ?
d 1558


42. William WARREN als WALLER ,styled "Gentleman" from 1560
b. ~ 1505 Bassingbourn, Cambs,
m Mawde
d. Feb 1572

43 William Warren als   Waller
b ~ 1532 Ashwell, Herts,
m Agnes Gray in  1582
d March 1599-Dec 1610. See WILLG he had 6 sons,

2nd Son

44b Edward Warren Waller
Lawyer of Ashwell, Herts, and Simonds Inn,
Sought Grant of Arms in 1631
, Ref "Book of Certificates" College of Arms.
In 1611 Edward Waller alias Warren bought the manor of Westbury Nernewtes, near Ashwell and eventually sold it to Andrew Laut,
citizen of London, Ref.

b ~1582
d 1640
2nd m 1612 Margaret  Glascock of Downhall, Essex







1st Son

45 Richard Waller
Lieutenant in  Cromwell's Army in part of the Civil War of 1642-1646. 
1649, got the  ruined Castle Cully (reduced by Cromwell)  and its lands
(near Newport, Tipperary)
b ~1613 (Note 8)
m Dorothy (Note 9)
d 1688


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>IRISH WALLERS


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